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Thank You!

I want to extend a sincere and heart-felt THANK YOU to all of you who supported my campaign for Wausau School Board.

While we did not succeed in our mission – this time – in spite of what became downright vicious mis-characterizations and outright smears by certain agenda-driven and biased individuals, we were very successful in bringing our message of returning strong civic values and educational effectiveness to our public schools to more people in the Wausau area.

Many of these people have long felt that their concerns for the future and for the community have been too long unheard and disregarded by those in positions of power, who incessantly and increasingly kow-tow to the socially destructive and freedom-threatening messages of political correctness, intersectionality, identity politics, dependency and debt. These people are now more aware than ever that they are not alone!

We made many important friends and connections in our effort. This is where it all starts. I firmly believe that when one door closes, another is opened. Please stay in touch, and lets keep moving our community forward, and Make America Great Again!

– Dr. L. Voigt Smith, DPT